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Deer Fern

Blechnum spicant

4-inch pot


A native here in the Puget Sound, Deer Fern or Hard Fern, is a distinctive and elegant beauty with two different types of fronds on the same plant. One type are the evergreen sterile fronds up to 2 feet long that are stiff, leathery, pinnatifid and dark green, forming a loose outward-spreading, flattened rosette on the ground as the season progresses.

Fertile fronds up to 2 feet long are located in an erect vertical fountain in the center of the sterile frond rosette. They are similar to the sterile ones but maybe a little taller, with much thinner and widely separated leaflets. This shade-lover is excellent for shady woodland gardens or borders or streambanks. 


  • Fern
  • Zones 5-9
  • Full to partial shade. Avoid direct afternoon sunlight.
  • Grows 12-18 in. high x 18-24 in. wide
  • Spacing 24 in. for mass plantings
  • Deer and rabbit resistant
  • PNW Native

Deer Fern


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