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Mexican Feather Grass 'Ponytails'

Stipa tenuissima 'Ponytails'

1 gallon pot


A graceful grass with fine textured, arching, bright green leaves and feathery panicles of creamy flowers/seed heads up to 12" long. The whole plant billows in the slightest breeze and readily self-sows.  It is native to California, Arizona, Texas and Mexico, where it is found in the mountains, but it will grow widely in hospitable areas.  It prefers full sun to light shade and average to poor, well-drained soil. A warm season perennial grass, it is best established if planted in spring or summer.


  • Grass
  • Zones 7-10
  • Full Sun
  • Grows 2 ft. high x 1.5 ft. wide
  • Deer resistant
  • Heat and drought tolerant

Mexican Feather Grass 'Ponytails'


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