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Oriental Poppy 'Brilliant'

Papaver orientale 'Brilliant'

1 gallon pot

Oriental poppy is a clump-forming herbaceous perennial in the poppy family that is native to Central Asia. It bears large cup-shaped flowers in orange, red, and pink with black centers in June-July. The finely divided gray-green leaves give it an airy texture in the landscape. They die down after flowering and a basal rosette of leaves reappear in fall through winter until they grow vertically in the spring. They generally don't do well in heat and humidity and do need an adequate cold period in the winter in order to have good seed germination.


Blooming in late spring with huge scarlet-orange flower, it will go dormant in the summer, so mix these plants into the middle of perennial beds with other tall growing perennials to cover up the browning foliage.


  • Herbaceous perennial

  • Full to part sun

  • Grows 2-3 ft. high

  • Low to avg water

  • Blooms Jun-Jul

  • Zones 3-8

Oriental Poppy 'Brilliant'


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