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Hosta clausa 

Hosta clausa var. normalis

1 gal pot


Hosta clausa var normalis is a rhizomatous Hosta, in that it does not form a compact clump, but rather a dense cover which grows quite quickly. Low to medium in size, it flowers in summer in clusters of open, dark blue-purple flowers. This subspecies tolerates non-burning or subdued sun quite well for a few hours during the day; otherwise, grow it in shade or partial shade, in cool soil, on borders, in beds or as a ground cover where it can spread out.


  • Herbaceous perennial

  • Partial to full shade

  • Zones 3-8

  • Prefers rich soil and plenty of water

  • Initially 2 ft. tall x 1 ft. wide, but expands over time

Hosta clausa


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