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Begonia Rieger 'Karen'

Begonia rieger 'Karen'

4-inch pot


Rieger Begonia is a cross between a wax leaf and turberous begonia that features attractive glossy green leaves. Unlike Rex Begonias, Rieger Begonias are grown for their beautiful double flowers, which come in shades of pink, yellow, orange or white. Tolerant of sun, humidity and mildew.


Plants will perform best with limited overhead watering, early enough in the day to dry completely before nightfall. Unnecessarily wet foliage at night can promote disease issues. Otherwise, the plants are largely carefree.  A controlled or slow-release plant food at planting will help them have peak performance.


  • Annual
  • Zones 9-11
  • Part sun to full sun
  • Grows 10-12 in. high
  • Prefers evenly moist, well-drained soil
  • Extended blooming May-Oct

Begonia Rieger 'Karen'

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