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Pacific Stonecrop 'Carnea'

Sedum spathulifolium 'Carnea'

4-inch pot



Sedum spathulifolium 'Carnea is a broadleaf succulent that forms a dense mat of silvery-gray to red leaves and starry yellow flowers. It's native to the coastal mountains of Northern California, where it grows on cliffs and ledges.


In cold weather or when stressed by drought, the foliage of this plant takes on brilliant red or purple tints. It prefers full sun to slight shade, and likes to be watered with rainwater. In the winter, tall sedums die back to a ground-level rosette. Many gardeners leave the dried flowers and stems in place during autumn and early winter, as they are attractive when frost coats them. Once they have been smashed down by snow or ice, they can be pruned or pulled.


  • Broadleaf succulent
  • Full to part sun

  • 2-8” high x 1-3’ wide

  • Native to California, Oregon, Washington & BC

  • Low water needs

  • Zones 5-9

  • Deer resistant & drought tolerant

Pacific Stonecrop 'Carnea'


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