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Geranium 'Maverick Appleblossom'

Pelargonium hortorum 'Maverick Appleblossom'

1 gallon pot


With the palest pink centers fading to white on the outer petals, Maverick Appleblossom’s huge flowers work as a delicate foil amongst brighter colors, or mass well on their own to keep the spring-like color going through the heat of the summer. Maverick geraniums are very heat tolerant and produce bloom cluster after bloom cluster even through the most humid of climates. Plants are tidy, well-branched, with bright green foliage. 


  • Annual

  • Full to partial sun

  • Grows 12-15” high and wide

  • Long-blooming: May to Oct

Geranium 'Maverick Appleblossom'


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